My name is Kristin and I dream of fashion. Literally. One time I remember waking mid-dream in a mild sweat. I found myself atop a mountain of shoes, desperately searching for the perfect stiletto to complete my look.


My path to the fashion industry has not been direct. I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and worked for over a decade in this field. While I dreamed of designing dynamic layouts for the pages of Vogue, in reality I was stuck in a cubicle, rendering the creative visions of others. This disparity helped me recognize graphic design wasn’t my passion, I hoped it would be my road into the fashion world.


With this new understanding, I shifted my focus to learning more about the fashion industry and becoming a stylist. Using clothing for personal expression has been a consistent part of my life and an unwavering source of joy. Legend has it, before I could even reach the clothes hanging in my closet, I would choose my look each morning by pointing it out to my parents. The opportunity to use fashion to convey how I felt helped me to discover my true sartorial self.


It’s been five years since I started working in the fashion world. I still dream of fashion. Now figuratively. I dream about what the fashion industry could be.


It’s undisputed that the fashion industry plays a critical role in the global environmental crisis. My personal fashion dreams used to entail wearing and owning the most quintessential “it” pieces of the season. Today, I dream of wearing items that didn’t harm the environment during production and were made by someone fairly paid. And I dream of owning high quality pieces that suit my personal style so I can wear them proudly for years to come.


In pursuit of my new dream I am learning “you can’t make change by pointing a finger and by telling people what to do. What you need to do is capture their imaginations, and that’s what fashion is so good at.” This blog is my place to share what I’ve discovered, talk about what I’m seeing from inside the industry, and inspire you about where we can go.

Kristin Morawski