Quiz: What’s Your Sustainable Style Personality?

There are many ways to shop sustainably. I have identified a few in my previous post, “A Little Harmless Shopping,” but there are more! Within fashion circles, these sustainability strategies compete for the title of “most sustainable.” Is it possible to find a solution that will work for everyone? I don’t believe sustainable style is one-size-fits-all. I believe we each need to find a strategy that will work for us. Maybe the best approach to shopping sustainably can be determined by our style personality?

There are six distinct style personalities: Dramatic, Aristocratic, Natural, Classic, Creative, and Romantic. Each personality type has its own look and preferences for shopping. I believe these differences also extend to to what sustainability strategies suit them best. 

What’s your sustainable style personality? Take the quiz below to discover your style personality and what sustainable shopping strategy will work for you. For each question, write down the letter A to F for the answer which most applies to you. If two answers seem to be equal, and you absolutely can’t just pick one, then pick them both. After answering all ten questions, add up how many of each letter you chose. The letter you picked most frequently is your primary style personality.

A word of warning: we are complex, multi-faceted beings and, as I’m sure you will discover, we don’t always fit neatly into one of these six categories. I am an 50/50 split between Aristocratic and Dramatic. While this description may sound complex, understanding my style personality helps guide my purchases and identify what sustainable shopping strategies work best for me. I hope this quiz helps you discover something new about yourself.

1. My dream home is:

A. a penthouse condo in the heart of a cosmopolitan city
B. a traditional country estate
C. an ecological home made from logs with lots of windows in the country
D. a traditional home in a safe neighborhood
E. a warehouse or other unusual space
F. a beautiful home in a gated community

2. The decorating style that fits me best is:

A. contemporary, steel, glass, and clean lines
B. large scale and elegant, full of antiques
C. hand-crafted, rustic, and unique
D. classic, tasteful, understated, and elegant
E. unique, unexpected, whimsical, and creative
F. luxurious and ornate, with mirrors and rich fabrics

3. A vacation that fits me best is:

A. first class experience in a major European city
B. an activity such as skiing, scuba diving, or rock climbing
C. a safari in Africa
D. a group tour or staying at an all-inclusive resort
E. a visit to a place of great meaning
F. a luxurious, relaxing spa-resort

4. In my career, I am motivated by:

A. wealth and recognition
B. intelligence, effectiveness, and achievement
C. ethics, freedom, and rights
D. peace, harmony, safety, and order
E. personal development and self-expression
F. relationships and nurturing

5. I appreciate:

A. trends, technology, and progressiveness
B. open space, the countryside, and tradition
C. freedom, the environment, and a bargain
D. reliability, standards, and protocol
E. self-expression, individuality, and intuition
F. luxury, beauty, and pampering

6. An activity I’m most likely to do in my spare time is:

A. a trip
B. a sport or physical activity
C. a productive outdoor activity like gardening
D. organizing an event or gathering
E. something artistic or creative
F. going to a spa

7. The clothing styles that I like to wear most are:

A. fashion forward and dramatic
B. elegant and timeless
C. comfortable, easy, and breathable
D. tailored and appropriate
E. soft, non-traditional, and personalized
F. flowing and sensuous

8. The communication style most natural to me is:

A. assertive, cool, and confident
B. formal, reserved, and gracious
C. casual, lively, and straightforward
D. accommodating, gracious, and warm
E. expressive, light-hearted and fun
F. warm, heart-felt and flirtatious

9. My body type is:

A. angular and slim
B. strong bone structure
C. compact and strong
D. all average proportions
E. fine bone structure
F. full and curvaceous

10. The colours I most like to wear are:

A. red, white and black
B. camel, navy and forest green
C. dark grey, light grey and white
D. tan, black and gold
E. any and all colours
F. blush, merlot and rose gold

The letter with the highest number is your dominant style personality: A = Dramatic, B = Aristocratic, C = Natural, D = Classic, E = Creative, F = Romantic


The quintessential Dramatic style personality likes bold, on-trend, and fashion-forward looks. They are very confident in their appearance and dress to impress. A Dramatic personality type appreciates the richness and luxury of high-quality fabrics and design.

A sustainable shopping strategy for a Dramatic personality type isn’t actually shopping at all, it’s renting! Clothing rental is no longer reserved for boxy tuxedos or special event looks. There are many subscription services offering the latest on-trend styles for everyday dressing. This strategy will allow the Dramatic personality the opportunity to continuously refresh their wardrobe and wear new, trendy styles, then return them to be reused over and over again.


The quintessential Aristocratic style personality likes a sophisticated but approachable look. They prefer one high quality item over five inexpensive ones and are very unlikely to buy knockoffs. An Aristocrat wants to keep and wear their garments for many years, so they like their items to feel timeless.

When it comes to sustainable shopping, an Aristocratic will do well buying the highest quality garment they can afford. This high-quality product will be able to be worn and repaired for many years, and even passed down to future generations. These products will acquire a unique patina over time that the Aristocratic personality will love to embrace. It’s important they buy items that can be easily incorporated into their existing wardrobe and will go with things they already own.


The quintessential Natural style personality likes hassle-free, easy to wear, comfort clothes. They prefer natural fabrics and clothing that feels great. Although they are often seduced by a bargain, they don’t like shopping and avoid the frenzy of sale season. The Natural personality cares deeply about the ethical and environmental side of fashion and seeks clothing that meet their high standards.

A Natural personality would benefit from a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a limited wardrobe of essential clothing items that all go together and can be mixed and matched to create many different looks. By building a limited, but flexible, wardrobe made from natural fabrics and sourced from sustainable and responsible brands, the Natural personality can dress every day with ease.


The quintessential Classic style personality is traditional. Imagine pearls, polos, and precise tailoring. They like timeless, elegant and understated looks, and want their outfits to be well thought-out and match. The Classic personality has a style that is conservative and enduring.

The sustainable shopping strategy for a Classic personality is to do what comes most naturally to them: buy garments that are a timeless design and made of quality fabrics. These pieces can be worn for many years because they will continue to suit their style and, when cared for well, will last. Then, the Classic personality can simply shop their own closet to find looks they love.


The quintessential Creative style personality doesn’t want to look like anyone else. They embrace off-beat garments made of unexpected colour combinations, patterns, and textures. The Creative personality appreciates old-world crafting techniques and a personal connection to the artisan.

Shopping sustainably for a Creative personality includes shopping locally and shopping secondhand. Both options allow a Creative personality to find pieces that are limited editions or one-of-a-kind to add to their eclectic wardrobe.


The quintessential Romantic style personality likes a feminine and sexy look. How a garment feels is very important to them, so they often choose pieces made from luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, and lace that drape and flow beautifully. The Romantic personality is the Queen of accessorizing, and loves to add to her look with hats, scarves, gloves, heels, bags and jewels. More is more for the Romantic personality.

It’s fair to say the most sustainable shopping strategy is to shop your own closet, and this is what a Romantic personality can do best. Their love for accessorizing allows them to remix and reimagine their wardrobe to maximize what they already own.

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